Broker Approval

Reach Out
Contact us to let us know you’re interested in partnering with Cardinal Financial Wholesale. Joining our team is easy! We’ll connect you with our Broker Approval Team of onboarding specialists who are dedicated to assisting brokers in getting approved with Cardinal.
You’re Invited
One of our account executives will send you an invitation via Comergence.
Sign into Comergence
Once you accept the invitation, you’ll create an account in Comergence to get started. If you already have a Comergence account, you’re one step ahead! Sign in and accept the invitation from our account executive.
Just to Confirm
We want to make sure we keep you informed, and you’re never questioning if we’ve received items from you or not. We will send you an email once we’ve received your application.
Let’s Get Started
To get the approval process started, sign into Comergence and upload the required items. These items include things like company formation information, year-to-date financial statements, W-9s, quality control policies and procedures, owner and officer résumés, your Mortgage Broker Agreement, and more.
Don’t Forget!
While you’re in Comergence, you’ll want to also complete the AML Certification and Questionnaire. These are very important so that we can finalize your application and provided documentation list.
Final Review
At this step, we should have everything that we need! We’ll review your application and supplied documentation.
The Finish Line
Thank you! We’ll notify you when your approval is complete.
Got questions? Need assistance?