The Wholesale Pledge and Promise

These are our guiding principles which drive and dictate every facet of our business.


We started with the mindset that “there’s got to be a better way.” We boldly lead and embrace the future by leveraging Octane’s technological prowess to modernize the wholesale lending experience. We support a “questioning mindset” that’s focused on perpetual innovation. In this antiquated, competitive arena, we are singularly focused on making improvements and implementing solutions that make a measurable difference for the broker and the borrower.


Our unique combination of skill and technology delivers unmatched levels of precision and sets the new standard of wholesale performance. We handle all of our work with the highest excellence and integrity. We obsess over every detail and execute with precision every step of the way. It’s our job to make our brokers look good and our dynamic approach to workflow delivers the efficiency and precision needed to hit every deadline.


From complicated to simpler, we are revolutionizing wholesale. We’ve turned wholesale lending into an experience where all brokers encounter simplicity, not complexity. Using Octane, we transform the entire process, making wholesale lending easier than ever. By removing the obstacles that brokers have come to dread and expect, we foster a frustration-free broker experience.


We believe rapid, on-time execution equals maximum efficiency. But speed without precision is futile. We expertly balance fast execution with accuracy, reducing the margin of error and proving ourselves to be a reliable partner. We recognize that speed is imperative to the broker’s success and, in an industry full of unrealistic expectations, we function at high speed so our brokers can meet them.


This industry is full of fine print, so we operate with honesty and full disclosure. By providing real-time access to all loan information and our own performance metrics, we take the mystery out of wholesale lending. Our transparency in communication reduces feelings of deception and increases trustworthiness. With clarity and accessibility at every stage, we demonstrate that we are working for our brokers, not against them.


“We can do that!sm” Using our innovative combination of best-in-class service, price, and execution, we deliver a wholesale experience of unrivaled value that redefines the standard. We acknowledge that the broker’s reputation lies largely with the wholesale partner. We take that responsibility seriously and never take for granted the work of earning the broker’s business.